Assessment: In this initial meeting, you will be asked to complete some paperwork to provide demographic information, insurance information, and a brief history questionnaire. After which, we will meet to begin an intake evaluation. This will involve obtaining your personal history, family background, medical history, past treatment experiences, etc. By the end of this evaluation, we will discuss your presenting issues and can determine if this is an appropriate setting to meet your current needs. We would then briefly discuss goals to define the work we will do together so that you can make your best life a reality.

Individual therapy: We will meet one on one to target your specific goals developed during our initial meeting. Interventions will be tailored to your particular challenge areas. The frequency and duration of our work together varies depending on the level of difficulty you are facing and commitment to the plan.

Couples therapy: In this modality, married, dating, and partnered couples can participate. Most commonly issues involving communication, trust, and commitment are areas of focus.

Family therapy: Here as many of the family members interested in problem resolution are invited to participate. While it is common for one individual to be identified “the problem,” the entire family is affected due to the interpersonal relationship. By involving the family, the result can often lead to faster goal attainment.

Consultation: Availability to meet with individuals, groups, or organizations when there is a question/concern of a psychological nature or regarding group dynamics.

Presentations/Workshops: Can present a variety of different topics to groups or organizations specifically tailored to the target audience.